Services Overview

At Lifestyle Financial Services our main objective is to help our clients achieve their lifestyle goals. We do this by taking the time to make sure that we have a clear understanding of what these goals are, then we focus on attaining them.

For most people, their financial goal is to ‘achieve financial independence’. Once achieved, the goal is to preserve financial independence.

To help our clients understand what ‘financial independence’ is to them, Lifestyle have produced an education workbook titled ‘Taking Control’ (which can be downloaded by clicking on the adjacent link). This workbook has been designed to walk our clients through, and give explanations of, the main issues they need to consider in order to achieve financial independence.

We also specialise in helping employers who want the best for their employees to select the appropriate company superannuation fund and insurance programme for their staff. We then provide educational seminars and advice to help ensure that their employees make the best choices for their individual situations.

Financial planning for individuals and families involves:

Wealth Creation and Management

Strategies for building wealth and managing risk are tailored to individual goals and circumstances. We look at many aspects including tax, superannuation, investment, insurance, mortgages and debt structuring, and provide personal, tailored advice to suit individuals’ needs.

Retirement Planning

Careful planning well before retirement date is essential. Once retired, we will aim to maximise after tax income, looking at any benefits that are available through effective structuring of assets or adopting Centrelink strategies. Some clients want to preserve wealth in retirement, while others plan to spend the lot!

Mortgage Broking and Debt Management

When borrowing to invest, it is essential that the correct debt structures be established. By doing this, cashflow can be better managed and tax benefits maximised.


Superannuation is the government’s preferred vehicle for retirement, hence there are many in-built tax savings. Level of contributions, selection of underlying investments (such as shares, property securities or bonds) can impact on retirement capital. We present the options and help our clients and members of employer super funds make the right choice.

Geared Investment

Gearing involves borrowing money to invest and can be a tax effective way to help you achieve your financial goals.

While gearing can accelerate your wealth creation, it also increases the risk of capital loss. For this reason, a large part of our focus is on educating our clients about the risks of gearing and then managing those risks once a gearing plan is implemented. Our other focus is to ensure that our clients have the cashflow to support their gearing plan through either surplus income and/or income received from their investments.

Life and Disability Insurances

There is not a lot of sense in building wealth without protecting oneself from the major risks involved in life such as loss of income through disability, critical illness, or death. Whilst we place more importance on the quality of the insurance companies and their claims paying history than on the cost of premiums, we will source the most affordable products offering the best outcomes for clients.

Estate Planning

What happens to a person’s assets upon their death? We recommend our clients’ estates be structured correctly to minimise tax and to ensure that assets are distributed to their intended recipients.