Time to enjoy the fruits of your labours! Draw down on your super and other savings, spend time with the grandchildren and do all the things you always wanted to do; but work got in the way.

Focus on health, wellbeing and other interests.

The most important thing now is to ensure your income will be maintained. Careful planning and a deep understanding of investments and how markets act is really important.

Many retirees do become very conservative with their investments, some just invest in term deposits. This can dramatically reduce their investment return and therefore their income. Investing for retirement is, hopefully, for the very long term, so careful management and regular review is critical.

The planners at Lifestyle are retirement experts and we have developed an investment methodology specifically designed for super pensions, to provide great returns with low volatility. We use low cost super and pension platforms to help keep fees to a minimum and therefore improve your investment returns. Please contact us for more information.