Your single point of contact

We provide many services to employers and their employees, as listed below. Rather than dealing with lots of different providers and their ever changing staff, Lifestyle will appoint you with a relationship manager to answer all your super questions and look after all your super needs. If you want to find out what great service is all about, you can contact us here.

Services We Offer

Employer Services (Ongoing)

  • Providing technical advice regarding super obligations.
  • Dealing with administrative issues with the provider (we usually have behind the scene access) saving the time of HR and Payroll Depts. We are the single point of contact for the employer.
  • Taking queries from members.
  • Assistance in establishing Policy Committees, setting agendas, providing secretarial support.
  • Develop an education and financial literacy programme (in conjunction with the employer). This involves regular newsletter/flyers, seminars, online tools and personal meetings.
  • Annual or semi annual reporting on fund statistics, such as level of fund choice, level of transactions,demographic changes and level of salary sacrifice and other additional contributions.
  • Ongoing reviews of fees and insurance premiums.
  • Reviewing Automatic Acceptance Levels of Insurance (level of cover up to which the formula cover is provided without evidence of health).
  • Newsletters on relevant matters such as compliance issues, federal budgets etc.


Member Services (Ongoing)

  • Provision of Induction Packs (for the employer to give to new employees) outlining the default fund offering and including fund choice forms.
  • Acting as a call centre for member inquiries; ensuring contact with a person who knows their fund.
  • Provide online facilities such as educational material, calculators, etc.
  • Dedicated email inquiry service.
  • Regular newsletters on a range of educational topics.
  • Seminars on a range of topics; pertaining to the fund and also educational (e.g. pre-retirement planning, debt reduction, value of insurance etc.)
  • Personal meetings onsite covering a wide range of needs:
    • Value of salary sacrifice
    • Co-contribution opportunities
    • Transition to retirement strategies
    • Assisting with budgeting
    • Nominating beneficiaries on death
    • Setting appropriate insurance levels
    • Assisting with consolidation of super funds
    • Guidance on investment strategy
  • Managing insurance underwriting processes, helping with paperwork.
  • Providing claims management when there is a death or disability claim, ensuring timely access to benefits.


Benefit Design & Tender

  • Assistance with designing the benefit structure, especially the levels of insurance and member categories.
  • Assisting employers to choose an appropriate Default Fund.
  • Obtaining tenders from an agreed number of providers and analysing them in the areas of:
    • Investment performance and range of choice
    • Fees
    • Insurance premiums, terms and conditions
    • Operational offering, e.g. online data and payment methods
    • Services to members, e.g. annual statements, newsletters, etc.
  • Presenting tenders and finding the best solution.



  •  Ensuring the fund is correctly set up.
  • Installing admin systems, including training of staff on use of online systems.
  • Preparing written material and delivering seminars to staff on their new fund.
  • Assisting with benefit transfers from previous fund(s)