Super can be complex. While you might be an expert in your field at work, we are experts with super. Let us assist you to  maximise the benefits of your company super fund.

Are you in the right fund?

Do you know what your current fund costs and what it offers? Do you know all the benefits offered in your employer’s fund?
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Consolidate your super

Bring all your funds together. Make your super easier to manage and get rid of duplicated fees.
Be mindful of the insurance you have in each fund as you can consolidate this too.
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Investment selection

You are in control. Investment decisions made early can make a big difference to your retirement.
For example, an extra 2% investment return over your working life can double the end benefits.
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Salary sacrifice – Concessional

You can contribute to super using before tax income, saving up to 32% tax. What a great return!
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After tax contributions – Non-concessional

Income from super is tax-free in retirement, so getting more money into super is smart.
If you save after-tax money there is no tax on the way in.
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Lower income earners can make after tax contributions to super and receive an additional contribution from the government.
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Correct levels of insurance

Most Australians are under-insured. If you were to die how would your family cope financially?
Could you pay the bills if you got sick or had an accident?
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Binding death nominations

You can nominate who receives your super and insurance benefits upon your death.
Nominated payment are outside your estate and can be paid to a valid nominee within six weeks!
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Spouse splitting

You are able to split 85% of your previous year’s employer and salary sacrifice contribution to your spouse to help equalise your accounts, which may reduce future taxes.
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Retirement planning

Retirement should be fun and careful planning at this stage is critical.
You may also be able to receive a super pension after age 55, even if you are still working.
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  • What our clients say

    "On recommendation, we were introduced to Domaine over a decade ago, we were grateful and confident with our previous adviser who retired a few years later. On meeting Visnja for the first time we were instantly impressed, comfortable and confident in her presence, a wonderful successor, we cannot speak too highly of her professional service."

    Victoria and George
    Victoria & George,
  • What our clients say

    "We have been dealing with Domane now for well over a decade and have been perfectly happy with the services provided. Imagine our apprehension, however, when the financial advisor we had been comfortably working with for several years decided to retire and, at the end of 2011 Visnja, a complete unknown to us, was allocated as his replacement. Our apprehension was short lived however, and from the very first friendly meeting, we realised that we were going to be in very safe hands. Visnja has a very good knowledge of financial planning and matters relating to superannuation which, in retirement, are our main concerns. She has provided us with invaluable help and advice in making decisions about the management of our financial assets. Importantly, she is able to explain the often complicated and changing world of finance clearly and in a way that is easily understood by novices, which we are. She has put the management of our superannuation monies on a firm footing and in such a way that we have little, if anything, to worry about. She listens to the issues we raise and has a very good understanding of our priorities and concerns and responds appropriately. We trust her judgement implicitly. Moreover, Visnja is a happy and friendly person so that our meetings are always relaxed and enjoyable and something to look forward to. As a financial advisor we rate her very highly indeed. Working with Visnja and Domane continues to be a pleasure.

    Barry and Rose"
  • What our clients say

    "We Have been with Domane Financial Advisers for over 20 years with our superannuation. The advice received has always been about what we needed to meet our goals in retirement and cannot be happier.

    The professional recommendation and Guidance from Visnja Raznjevic has been spot on and just leave it to emails and seeing her once a year at our annual review.

    Looking for a good financial advice you cannot go past Visnja Raznjevic at Domane Financial Advisers.

    Max and Coral"
  • What our clients say

    “I have been a client of Domane Financial Advisers for over 10 years.

    My adviser Visnja is very professional and efficient. She is available to share my worries and find solution. She is concrete and practical in preparing options to be chosen. I would recommend Domane and Visnja to anyone.

  • What our clients say

    "We have been clients of Domane Financial Advisers for over 35 years primarily in the area of superannuation. The advice we have received over these many years has been sound & appropriate for our long term goals which is why we chose to remain clients of Domane for so long. Today we are comfortably retired thanks in no small part to the advice we received from various advisers at Domane.
    The professional guidance & recommendations continue through Visnja Raznjevic, a Senior Financial Adviser, with whom we have an excellent rapport. Visnja is always quickly available to answer our questions, carry out our requests & provide us with prudent direction. Visnja is an excellent communicator. We anticipate a continuing long term relationship with Visnja & Domane.

    Cathy & Trent"
  • What our clients say

    “I have been dealing with Domane Financial Advisers for around 20 years now and have developed a level of confidence with them that is rare in today’s world. Visnja and the team continue to deliver their services in a very professional, accurate and personable way.

    I have valued the advice & guidance given over the years and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

  • What our clients say

    "We have been a client of Domane for many years, prior to, and following retirement. We have been extremely happy with the service they have provided. Their advice on transition to retirement, investment options and allocated annuity/pension has been invaluable. It has ensured that we will definitely continue to enjoy our retirement.

    Special mention needs to be made of our adviser, Visnja Raznjevic. Visnja has always had time for us when needed. We enjoy our annual review meetings. It is like catching up with a friend. We have no hesitation in recommending Domane to anyone looking for good financial advice.

    Peter and Sandra"
  • What our clients say

    "I have only been with Domane for 15 months but am thrilled with the experience and results. Visnja, my adviser took time to listen, explain and get to know me and my situation in order to put a financial plan in place and the results in this short time are outstanding. Her manner is professional yet caring which has given me confidence for the future. It is always nice to have a chat and laugh with her whether over the phone or in person.

  • What our clients say

    “I have been dealing with Domane for more than 20 years, in Superannuation and in investments. The advice I received was always prompt, professional, courteous and precise. No shortcuts, no promises, which could not be kept.
    I can recommend Visnja and her team fully.


    Adviser – Visnja Raznjevic, Client – Jurgen Voigtmann
  • What our clients say


    This is what you get when you see Visnja Raznjevic as your Financial Adviser!

    Geoff and Margaret"
  • What our clients say

    "Having little knowledge or understanding of processes involved, my wife and I initially contacted Domane to seek advice on financial planning for our retirement and management of superannuation.

    Our desire was to ensure a comfortable standard of living in retirement while ensuring long-term security of our finances.

    The clarity of information we received at our initial consultation was instrumental in our decision to utilise the services provided by Domane to formulate our plans.

    We have greatly appreciated the ongoing support and advice since our initial consultation and are appreciative of the personalized service provided by our adviser Visnja.

    We are pleased to recommend Domane to prospective clients.

    Milton and Barbara"
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"I've been involved with establishing and managing company super funds all my working life, so we certainly have the experience to guide you in the right direction. I'd be delighted to prepare an obligation free review of your current fund."
Shane Foster. CFP.