About Us

Domane Mortgages as part of the Domane Finance Group is a hub of financial, tax and accounting, and lending professionals who share the same synergies and culture to create strategies for you and your business.

Our biggest advantage is our breadth of experience and shared vision to give you the right advice. By speaking to one, not many, provides you with more of your most valuable asset – time.

We are different because we work as one!

Finding a home loan isn’t simply borrowing money, a lot of things have to be considered and discussed like which lender is suitable for you, what payment schedule is aligned to your needs, and what type of home loan will serve your financial situation.

We step you through the whole process. We will spend time with you to find out what you know, what you expect and what you want in a home loan.

We find an appropriate loan for you from our extensive panel. We don’t just look for the cheapest rates available in the market (because it may not be cheapest tomorrow).

We pride ourselves on finding the right solution for you. We will make sure that we find all the answers and solutions to your financing requirements.

We like to do the hard work for you. Last but not least, all you need to do is to leave everything up to us.

Refinancing your Home Loan

We also assist in consolidating and refinancing your home loan, to make payments easier for you. Refinancing a home loan can help you free up cash and reduce your expenses.

Research – many different lenders

We will research and send you a shortlist of appropriate home loans in the market that meet your individual circumstances. The information will be presented in an easy to understand written format where:

Important fees, interest and charges are transparently disclosed
Find out how much you can borrow
How much is your repayment